Home Grown In Humboldt County

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Home Grown In Humboldt County

Some of the Samoa office team got together to unveil our new canopy and table covers. Sales representatives will be utilizing the beautiful new canopy and table covers “in the field” at retail events. Watch for them in your neighborhood!

The strength of our success and growth represents career opportunities that nurture and develop our local economy. FoxFarm proudly contributes annually to many local scholarships, community events, and local organizations. After all, Humboldt County is Our Home.


Our formulas are blended in small batches and rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality standards. Each of us is passionate about producing the finest hand crafted natural and organic soil mixes and fertilizers available anywhere. We do this together: Our production crew, management team, office staff, biologists, sales force, and the truck drivers who carry us to market. At FoxFarm we are dedicated to making a difference in how we treat the Earth and each other. FoxFarm products are formulated to replenish the soil, lift the human spirit and beautify the Earth, naturally. Using FoxFarm soils and fertilizers is a conscious choice to improve the environmental health of the garden; that’s good for the soil, our families and for future generations to come.

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